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➝ ✰ I don't feel ☮ like a person ☾


It’s weird that pirates would go from shore to shore looking for buried treasure when the real treasure was in the friendships they were making

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i’m not interested in being easy on the eyes
i want them to flinch, think twice before they reach out their callous hands to bruise.
i want to be a constant reminder to men that not everything is theirs for the taking.

fabiola - for girls who aren’t interested in being easy on the eyes (via roserosetyler)


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This this this this.

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Nelly and Marc Lamont Hill in Ferguson (Aug, 18th, 2014)


Childrens story time

abuse of flowers comes as no surprise


how often does a facebook status inspire a dad joke in ur brain which is shaped like a walnut and according to the doctrine of signatures what is the natural nutcracker to make it break + sHadDer + kill all dads in ur head cause according to lindsey all dads are bastards ADAB and i swear after 2 dabs ull be fukt off ur ass upside lilbeetlbug on the floor beggin g 4 stuft doritos in this trap i set because i need to rob a stoned college student marketing gilrfriend for i need someone to tell me in not the worst, not everything i do turns u in to stew